Upheaval of the Sword Coast

Searching for clues in Phandalin

After arriving in Phandalin, Sildar heads for the Stonehill Inn for a much-needed rest. Rakman and Boris goes looking for clues while Malien and Martyn heads over to Barthen’s Provisions with Gundren’s wagon.

Rakman tries his luck, first at a dirty, old tavern called The Sleeping Giant and later at the Townmaster’s Hall. Here, he almost gets into a fight the Townmaster, Harbin Wester, but eventually leaves and rejoins the others no wiser than when they arrived in the town.

Back at the Stonehill Inn the party sits down to share a meal and some ale. Elsa, a gossippy barmaid, tells them that the silver-haired, old half-elf in the corner is a former adventurer named Daran Edermath and that he knows a lot about what’s going on in Phandalin. Malien buys an extra mug of ale and joins Daran at his table. When the half-elf learns that the party are out to hunt evil he congratulates them on their noble quest and shares a bit of information which he thinks might be useful to them:
“The Redbrands have gained too much power in Phandalin over the last few months and it’s time that someone took a stand against them and their leader, Glasstaff. They hang around the Sleeping Giant and their main safe house is located at the ruins of Tresendar Manor, on the eastern edge of town.”

After a night of peaceful sleep, the party heads out towards Tresendar Manor. On the way they are confronted by 4 thugs dressed in scarlet cloaks. It’s obvious that Rakmans questions from last night has alerted them of the partys presense. A fight breaks out and our heroes manages to kill off the opposition without too much hassle.

At the ruins of Tresendar Manor, the party quickly finds a staircase leading down to the cellar below the old mansion. In his usual larger-than-life style, Martyn charges into the underground with the rest of the gang following closely behind him.

They first enter a large room with a couple of doors, some barrels and kegs and a large bassin filled with water. They decide to open the northern door which leads them into a long hallway. At the end of the hallway, they see a large double door with a relief carving of a mournful angel. Before reaching the door, Martyn sets off a pit trap which he barely manages to escape.
They open the double door and finds themselves inside a crypt holding 3 large stone sarcophagi. Sitting against each of them is a human skeleton clad in rusty mail. Suddently while exploring the crypt the 3 skeletons become animated! The very moment the skeletons become animated, Martyn’s Holy Symbol of Lathander becomes warm around his neck. The party quickly deals with the skellies – which ultimately turns Martyn’s symbol cold again – and continues exploring the crypt. When examining the sarcophagi more closely they find that each stonelid is carved to depict a person – 2 human males and 1 human female, all of noble bearing. Our friends decide not to open the sarcophagi and heads for the door in the northeastern corner of the room.
When opening the door, Malien sees a room split into 3 areas with iron bars wailing off the north and south. A pair of human women are held in the cell to the south while a human boy is confined to the north. All are dressed in grey tunics and have iron collars fitted around their necks. Malien decides to enter the room and is immeditately attacked by 2 guards wearing scarlet cloaks, hiding behind the door. Luckily he escapes relatively unharmed and the adventurers kill the guards after a short fight. Then they approach the prisoners but ultimately decides to leave them confined “for their own safety”. The woman and her 2 children have been prisoners since the Redbrands killed her husband, a local woodcarver who chose to stand up to them.
The party leaves and continues to explore the cellar heading out another door in the crypt. This time they are not attacked by any skeletons or guards but now finds themselves in what is clearly the armory – a small room with racks of weapons and dirty red cloaks.



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