Upheaval of the Sword Coast

Exploring the ruins of Tresendar Manor

Our adventuring party continued exploring the cellar finding another room full of Redbrand thugs in the process. Before finding a secret passage into the second part of the lair, however, they decided to free the 3 prisoners, leading them back to safety in Phandalin.

Rakman and Boris discovered a large cave with a couple of shaky bridges but cared not for the voice in their heads demanding food, food and even more food. Joined again by Martyn and Malien they continued to explore the rest of the cellar.

First, they found a gambling room where some clearly intoxicated Redbrands didn’t pose much of a threat to them – except that Boris fell unconscious on the floor. Then they ventured on to another guard room – this time containing 3 Bugbears and a small Goblin. But because Malien and Rakman wore scarlet cloaks (looted earlier from the thugs) the party managed to persuade the Bugbears that they were new recruits and left the room, closing the door behind them.

Going back through the gambling room, they found a room filled with destillation coils, other alchemical devices, and bookshelves crowded with sheafs of parchment and tombs. This was clearly a wizard’s workshop. Malien found a book written in Dwarvish, which he later identifed as the journal of an adventurer named Urmon. The party also killed the only inhabitant of the room – a small rat.

And last, but not least, their search led them to a small bedroom with both a desk, a chair and a relatively comfortably-looking bed. On the desk they discovered a very interesting letter, addressed to Lord Albrek and signed by the Black Spider.


They also noticed that an otherwise hidden door was left open, as if someone had used it in a haste, forgetting to close it behind them.

Thinking that he was doing a clever thing, Martyn set the room on fire, trying to lure out the rest of the Redbrands. Unfortunately he’d forgotten that Boris was unconscious in another room thus killing off their warrior companion!

After waiting for a while, the party discovered a hidden passage leading out from the cellar to the nearby forrest. As heavy rain had begun falling on the lands, the tracks were too obscured to make any sense of and our adventurers headed back to town, to get some well-deserved rest.

Next morning they explained to Sildar what had happened to Boris – or, at least some of the story – and decided to head over to the Townmaster’s Hall to inform him of their encounter with the Redbrands. Here, they decided to take on the challenge of killing the orcs at Wyvern Tor, while trying to get some more info on the location of Cragmaw Castle.

Our 3-man party headed out for Wyvern Tor and some hours later they found a cavern in a hill-side guarded by a lone orc. After luring out the pack of orcs (and a single Ogre) they managed to kill off the leader of the pack which led the remaining greenskins to flee the battleground. In this fight, Rakman tried some crazy tree-dancing moves which almost led to his death – but he managed to escape with a single hp left!

Back on the trail, our party of stout adventurers decided to take a rest before heading back to Phandalin…



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