Upheaval of the Sword Coast

Exploring the caves of Cragmaw Hideout

The party continued where they left off – outside the cave with the confined wolves. While trying to decide what to do next, they suddently hear a loud rumble and moments later a large wave of water comes crashing through the tunnels! Being neither agile nor strong, Martyn is washed away by the wave and finds himself outside the cave entrance. He dusts himself off and rejoins the party where he left them. Moments later – as if it was some kind of de-ja-vu – another huge wave of water comes crashing through the cave. Again Martyn is swept away by the force of the water. This time only to lose consciousness outside the cave…

The party decides to rest for a while and then sends Rakman the Rogue in to investigate the rest of the cave alone. He discovers 2 pools of what used to hold large amounts of water with broken make-shift dams, a bridge across the entrance of the cave and a smoke-filled, smelly cave with goblinoid noises coming from it.

At this point the rest of the party decides that they have waited long enough for Rakman to return and enters the cave again. After a couple of failed attempts by the not-so-agile-and-nimble Elf, Martyn manages to throw a rope around the bridge which they use to climb up.

Using his stealth and amazing archery skills, Rakman disposes of a few goblin warriors almost before the fight has broken out. Malien suffers some nasty wounds but before his companions are able to come to his aid, a voice from a 15’ ledge orders them to stop fighting or “the human will die”. A goblin leader has his scimitar pointed at Sildar’s throat! Martyn tries to be the hero of the day, but his efforts are in vain. Luckily Rakman fares a little better, killing the goblin with just 1 arrow. Unfortunately this means that Sildar falls from the ledge and lands unconscious at the floor of the cave.

Our adventurers quickly bring both Sildar and Malien back to life (yes, 1 hit point is still alive) and they begin searching the rest of the cavern for hidden doors and other missing rooms. At one point Rakman sets off on his own and tries to search the wolves cave. Unfortunately, one of the chains that holds the wolves breaks, and Rakman falls unconscious to the ground.

Meanwhile the rest of the party discovers a staircase leading to a so-far undiscovered room in the eastern-most part of the cavern.
While Boris stays back to protect Sildar and Rakman, Martyn and Malien enters the cave only to discover a couple of goblins, a wolf and big, bad Bugbear named Klarg. Martyn tries a mind trick that seems to fool Klarg for a few moments but when Malien takes a direct hit and falls to the ground, Martyn runs for his life to bring Boris into the fight. After a hard fought battle, lots of heroic moves by Martyn and very little assistance from Boris, the enemy is defeated. Klarg succumbs to his wounds and the party is victorious!

Before exiting the cavern, the party quickly searches the stashes in the main cave, finding quite a lot of money, some healing potions and small jade statuette. They also see a lot of crates marked with a blue lion which obviously is the loot from other raids at the Triboar Trail.

After completing a much-needed rest, they head back to the place where they left the oxen wagon along the Trail. Heading out for Phandalin, Sildar shares a few things with the party about what has happened:
The three Rockseeker brothers (Gundren, Nundro and Tharden) recently found the long-lost Wave Echo Cave. But somehow this did not go unnoticed… The goblins in the cave talked about someone (or some thing) called The Black Spider who apparantly sent word to Klarg to have Gundren brought to him (or it). Sildar believes Klarg sent both Gundren and the map showing the location of Wave Echo Cave, to a place called Cragmaw Castle. Unfortunately he doesn’t know it’s location but suggests that someone in Phandalin might. Sildar has a contact in Phandalin named Iarno Albrek, a wizard who traveled to the town 2 months ago. Both Sildar and Iarno (and Boris) are members of The Lords’ Alliance but noone has received word from Iarno since he left so Sildar decided to investigate while escorting Gundren to Phandalin.

On the road to Phandalin, Sildar also tells the party the story of the Wave Echo Cave.



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