The Sword Coast has never been a quiet nor peaceful place. Actually this can be said about the entire land of Faerûn but there’s probably more truth to it here than in most other regions of the Realms.

From the icy tundra of Icewind Dale in the north to the Merchant’s Domain of Amn in the south, travellers and inhabitants of these vast lands have always lived in peril and although the region got it’s official name from the white cliffs that rise up sharply for hundreds of miles of the coastline, there’s no denying that it fully lives up to it’s name, ‘sword coast’.

Lately though, it seems like things have made a turn for the worse… As if some greater, unknown evil has engulfed the entire region in a dense fog of malice.

Or maybe people are just being paranoid. After all, this region is – as the great Volo once said – littered with the ruins of failed dreams, abandoned villages, empty towers and dungeons and living here can take it’s toll on even the most proud hearted of us.

Nonetheless, this is a region of adventures. Of bravery. Of heroism. Of money and fame. And of death… Only the future will tell which of these will travel with our party of stout adventurers.

Upheaval of the Sword Coast

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